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• Business Rates Pro TNA

When training misses the mark more often than not the fault lies right at the beginning – in the way the needs were identified originally. Correct Training Needs Analysis helps to address this and enables effective training plans to be put in place. By identifying training needs, precious resources can be used to provide training where it is needed (and resources can be conserved).

These TNAs:

  • have been designed to help you identify training needs at an organisational, group and individual level, in a way that supports your corporate strategy
  • allow you to identify the needs of your officers so that your training resources are used effectively
  • cover key areas relevant to practitioners involved in the administration of Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit
  • test practitioners knowledge and understanding through multiple choice questions
  • use relevant, work-based scenarios which are designed to be simple and easy to understand

Management Information:

The programmes are supported by a sophisticated learner management system that provides access to IMMEDIATE detailed quantitative information. You can check who has completed the TNA and how successful they have been. The learner management system, Imago Manager, is designed to track the progress of your learners and to accumulate their responses. For example you can find out:

  • who has registered
  • when they logged on
  • what they have done
  • how long it has taken them
  • their exact responses to individual questions
  • their scores at an individual level
  • their scores at a group level (for example, by department or by organisation)
  • their scores by subject area (for example, ‘Applicable Amounts’)
  • how your staff compare to all users who have completed the online TNAs