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What makes training and development effective? We believe that if learners are to get the most out of training it needs to be engaging and relevant – to them, their job and their business. The IRRV has developed a suite of online courses for local government and not for profit organisations which are relevant, interactive and informative. Each course in our professional development portfolio provides around 4 hours of online learning. In addition they are supported by the powerful Imago learning management system so you can manage access and review activity.

If you are going to invest in online training and resources you need to know that your funds have been spent wisely. Imago Manager (the tutor area of programmes) allows you to track the progress of your learners and to accumulate their responses. For example you can find out:

  • who has registered
  • when they have logged on
  • what they have done
  • how long it has taken them
  • their responses to activities
  • their scores in quizzes/test

You can even export the reports to Excel. These reporting facilities really do allow managers and trainers to identify areas of strengths (and weakness) and make decisions based on reliable qualitative and quantitative information.